• Concentration – You need to have a high level of concentration as driving a forklift is a very dangerous job for you and for the people around you.
• Discipline – There are some very strict health and safety guidelines that need to be followed and a good level of discipline is required to make sure you fulfil all of the requirements.
• Organisation – When working in less favourable conditions you are required to be well organised in order to handle the truck in these situations.
• Maths – Academic skills are not hugely important in this line of work but some basic maths skills would help when working out weights and distances.
• Adaptability – You need to adaptable as part of your duties may require that you drive other vehicles such as lorries or trucks.
• Teamwork – Virtually all jobs require teamwork but few more so than forklift drivers. Due to the nature of the role, drivers will need to work closely with numerous types of employee from their own company as well as people working on behalf of other employers such as lorry drivers. Good teamwork and communication skills are also important when working with other forklift drivers so as to work together as safely and effectively as possible.